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Puerto Rico MaxiCourse®

The MaxiCourse Like No Other

November 2024 to July 2025 | San Juan, Puerto Rico

The ADII Puerto Rico MaxiCourse® Program and Clinical Residency in Implant Dentistry
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An Unwritten Masterpiece

The life and story of Dr. Hilt Tatum, how he changed the dental industry, and how he joined forces with his most dedicated disciple Dr. José Pedrosa.


Get a condensed and robust "fellowship" program under the leading team in Implant Dentistry, Dr. Tatum and Dr. Pedroza.


Experience advanced concepts on oral implantology first hand, and participate in live surgeries which may dramatically increase your surgical skills.


Improve your understanding and knowledge of the current literature in implant dentistry and contribute to enrich the "Natural Implants Restored in Stable Alveolar Bone" (NIRISAB) philosophy and Dr. Tatum's outstanding legacy.


  • “What an amazing experience… Dr. Tatum and Dr. Pedroza have developed a program that facilitates implant learning in a unique environment. You don't learn cookbook instructions that don't help in the real world. You learn principles that make you think and react to the situation and treatment that is necessary to restore the patient to maximum oral health and stability.”

    Dr. Jeffrey Buske

  • “Best implant course! It opened my eyes to see what is possible. I came here to learn and I did not expect the challenge to my core. Loved all of it, including the hard times. Absolutely best in the world!”

    Dr. Glenn Sperbeck

  • “Excellent! This course is a rare opportunity to have Dr. Jose Pedroza interact with Dr. Hilt Tatum, who are leaders in the world of implant dentistry. The course is structured to enhance understanding and utilization of IV Sedation for the ultimate benefit of your patients.”

    Dr. Keith Kanter

  • “The best there is! Even exceeded my goals.”

    Dr. Khaldoun Attar

  • “Amazing!”

    Dr. Nahel Yanni

  • “The best learning experience of a lifetime! By far this course has been the most worthwhile investment of time and money of my dental career. I feel so fortunate to have both Dr. Hilt Tatum and Dr. Jose Pedroza as mentors for my dental journey.”

    Dr. Debra Zombek

  • “Life changing experience, like no other”

    Keith Long, DDS . CA

  • “It is beyond words to accurately describe what this experience has done for me”.

    Henry Long, DDS. CA

  • “Excellent! This program has changed the way I think and practice Dentistry”

    Ethan Truong, DDS . LA

  • “I can no longer practice the way I practiced before Puerto Rico”.

    Joseph Boone, DMD . MS

Course Objective:

The mission of this course is to provide a comprehensive didactic and clinical curriculum leading to a full understanding of NIRISAB. (Natural Implants Restored in Stable Alveolar Bone).



Implant Dentistry training is available from a variety of sources including Universities or courses run by individuals or implant companies. Most implant courses lack supervised clinical training and include a limited amount of supervised mentor/student contact. However, in this course you will be trained and mentored by one of the founders of modern dental implantology (Dr. Hilt Tatum) supported by a strong team of oral surgeons and restorative dentists, including Dr. José E. Pedroza.

Puerto Rico MaxiCourse®

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