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Some Words by Dr. José E. Pedroza

Dear Colleague:

Participating in the Puerto Rico MaxiCourse® will most likely be one of the most valuable investments in your dental career. During the nine months, immersion in this unique academic and clinical experience will transform your professional approach to Implant Dentistry. While supporting you in the quest for creating your own success story as an Oral Implantologist, you will learn the latest trends on medications, oral and intravenous sedation, surgical and restorative concepts, soft tissue and bone manipulation and the principles of NIRISAB®. You will be exposed to hands-on applications and techniques on bone reconstruction (onlay bone grafting, bone expansion, interpositional segmental osteotomies) and nerve repositioning, among other procedures. Throughout the Program, you will have the opportunity to acquire unique concepts and techniques in scientific research, enabling you to sharpen skills in the development and journaling of your individual research projects and findings. We assure you that you will discover that this integral experience is highly comprehensive.

As one of the remarkable offerings of this program, every individual student will be personally trained and mentored by Dr. Hilt Tatum, Jr., internationally considered one of the founders of modern dental implantology, as well as myself. This Program is also supported by a solid, stellar team of oral surgeons, restorative dentists, clinical investigators, pharmacologists, and anesthesiologists. My personal commitment to you is to offer my professional knowledge and intuitive contribution that comes from over 35 years of experience as an implant dentist, most of these years as a dedicated disciple and present-day colleague of Dr. Tatum. In addition, I wish to provide you with any attention and/or support that you may require for your professional development and success in this growing and exciting field of implantology.

If you are determined to take full advantage of this opportunity to dramatically increase contribution to your patient’s oral health, and enrich your expertise and performance in Implant Dentistry, we at the Puerto Rico MaxiCourse® feel confident that you will conclude this Program decidedly satisfied and greatly enriched.

I look forward to meet you!

Sincerely yours,

José E. Pedroza, DMD, MSc

Puerto Rico MaxiCourse®

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