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The scope of Implantology

  • Apply basic science to Implant Dentistry
  • Medical considerations and patient selection
  • Patient assessment and treatment planning Medications
  • Oral and intravenous sedation course (Following ADA conscious sedation guidelines)
  • Basic surgical and restorative concepts
  • Apply surgical anatomy and imaging techniques
  • Bone physiology, biomaterials, and biomechanics
  • Fundamental surgical principles
  • Soft tissues: The importance of attached gingival and soft tissue reconstruction
  • Root form implant techniques and bone expansion techniques
  • Vertical bone reconstruction techniques with vascularized osteotomies and inter-positional grafts
  • Onlay bone grafting techniques
  • Non-root form implants and inferior alveolar nerve repositioning
  • Principles of clinical governance in implantology
  • Restorative and aesthetic enhancement techniques
  • Maintenance in Implantology
  • Management of surgical and prosthetic complications
  • Research applied to Implant Dentistry
  • Integration of Digital Diagnostics (CT Scan) to Treatment Planning

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The Course
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