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The development of a personal learning relationship between student and teacher is rarely encountered in these fast-paced commercial times. However, mentorship is one of the cornerstones of The Advanced Dental Implant Institute, and perhaps the key element for success. The Institute is committed to personally mentoring each student with the purpose of developing his or her maximum potential in skill and understanding of Implant Dentistry.


Participants are offered the opportunity to either observe, assist, or perform live surgical procedures at every training session. The Institute recognizes the fact that there is no substitute for the learning experience of live hands-on surgery, which follows the same method for the training of surgical residents in Medicine and Dentistry.


Techniques taught at The Advanced Dental Implant Institute are based on research and scientific principles. Students are trained to interpret and evaluate research literature, which helps them to clearly understand and analyze information, document surgical procedures, to eventually develop and submit a research project upon the completion of the program.

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