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Policies concerning the Puerto Rico MaxiCourse

I - Admissions

  1. The Puerto Rico MaxiCourse® Program accepts participating doctors, in limited spaces to guarantee a privileged mentor/student ratio.

  2. The prerequisite requirements established for participating doctors are the following:
    a) Completion of the application process by filling out the application form provided.
    b) Proof that they have successfully completed a degree in Dental Medicine by providing an Official Transcript and Degree Certification Letter. Please note all of the previous must be completed by the first session.

  3. Doctors interested in enrolling in the upcoming Class must complete the following procedures:
    a) Submit a completed Application Form through either:
    Email - prmaxicourse@gmail.com
    Mail - The Advanced Dental Implant Institute
                P.O. Box 361357,
                San Juan, PR, 00936
    b) Pay a $2,000 non-refundable deposit to reserve their space.
    c) Provide required documents to complete enrolling process. 

  4. The Board of Directors of the program is in its complete right to accept or deny any applications they see fit.

  5. The established deadline for the regular application process is January 30th, upon availability including the Official Transcript and Degree Certification Letter.

II - Participation

  1. Participating doctors must follow the established requirements of the training program, including:
    a) Attendance to all sessions.
    b) Each doctor shall be responsible for one’s conduct from the time of admission through the actual awarding of the degree.
    c) Doctors whose misconduct has a direct and distinct adverse impact on the Institution’s community, its members and staff will be referred to the Board of Directors for evaluation.
    d) The program’s Board of Directors is in full right to dismiss/terminate any doctor who they understand put at risk the integrity of the Institution.

2. The Puerto Rico AAID MaxiCourse® is a training program intended for Dentists that have completed a DMD or a DDS degree. No other professional will be accepted in the training program.

III - Requirements to receive the completion certificate

 1. Doctors must complete all ten (10) sessions in nine (9) months of the training program in order to receive the certificate of completion.

2. In case of an extraordinary situation that hinders the participating doctor to complete the ten (10) sessions in nine (9) months, he or she is responsible of making up the missed session in agreement with the Directors.

3. Doctors must pay the entire tuition as established.

4. Doctors must follow all requirements for the training program, including participating during clinical sessions.

5. Doctors must successfully approve both written and clinical tests that will be administered during the training program.

IV - Requirements to receive the IV Sedation Course certificate

  1. Doctors must complete the totality of the training program ten (10) sessions in nine (9) months, including the IV Sedation course offered by Dr. Daniel Becker and Dr. Steve Shufflebarger.

  2. Doctors must approve written, oral and clinical exams administered by IV Sedation instructors. Directors may require further instruction or practice to participating doctors in order to receive certification of completion on IV Sedation.

  3. Doctors interested in acquiring the IV Sedation permit must submit the application issued by the State where they intend to practice, complete all necessary documentation, pay the established fees (which vary by State) and invest in all required instrumentation and equipment established by their State Board. The Advanced Dental Implant Institute’s responsibility concerning IV Sedation is to offer at least 60 didactic hours and at least 20 patients to practice, as established by the American Dental Association guidelines, and to issue the IV Sedation certificate of completion including the IV Sedation charts from the required minimum of patients, as established by the ADA guidelines.

V - Requirements of Former Participating Doctors interested in ongoing mentorship through the PR MaxiCourse® Program

  1. Former Participating Doctors interested in coming back to participate in the academic and clinical sessions of the PR MaxiCourse® Program are allowed to continue developing their knowledge and surgical skills during the program’s sessions, upon space availability and a $500 fee per session.

  2. Former Participating Doctors must contact the Administrative Director, Dr. José E. Pedroza Rodríguez through prmaxicourse@gmail.com and request permission to participate in a specific session.

  3. Former Participating Doctors interested in enjoying a refreshing course with Dr. Daniel Becker and Dr. Steve Shufflebarger, should contact the Administrative Director and pay a $475 fee, upon availability.

  4. Former Participating Doctors interested in enjoying a refreshing Anatomy course should contact the Administrative Director at least two months in advance and pay a required fee, upon availability.

VI - Financial policies

  1. Tuition for the Puerto Rico MaxiCourse® Program is $24,950.00

  2. A $2,000 non-refundable deposit is required to separate a space.

  3. Total cost includes the following:

a) Over 350 continuing education units, certified.

b) An IV Sedation course that follows the ADA guidelines, also certified.

c) $2,000 worth of Tatum Surgical instrumentation

d) Lunch and assorted snacks.

e) A one-year membership with AAID.

f) Anatomy course with fresh specimens. 

g) The opportunity to bring patients and perform surgical procedures.

h) The opportunity to return for follow-up sessions with a $500 fee per- session or for surgical procedures.

4. Total payment of tuition may be paid in full during the first session with a 7% discount. Payment methods of total tuition include personal checks, cashier checks or cash.

5. For the participating Doctors convenience, there is also a five equal payment installment option. Tuition balance (after completing the $2,000 non-refundable deposit) installments are due on the following sessions:  April, May, June, July and August.

6. Failure to comply with the financial policies may require the termination of the doctors’ participation in the training program.

VII - Reimbursement

  1. In cases of extraordinary situations that oblige the participating doctor to interrupt his or her training program, the participating doctor should inform the Administrative Director as soon as possible. Payments will not be reimbursed.

  2. If the participating Doctor has made the payment in full, reimbursement policies are as followed:

a) Upon the termination of the program during or after the first session, a 70 % will be reimbursed.

b) Upon the termination of the program during or after the second session, a 40 % will be reimbursed.

c) Upon the termination of the program during or after the third session, a 30 % will be reimbursed. 

VIII - Facilities

  1. The Puerto Rico MaxiCourse® offers its sessions at the facilities of The Advanced Dental Implant Institute, in Parkside 6 St. San Patricio II Apts, Suite 1, Guaynabo, PR. The facilities include five dental operatories, two of them fully equipped with a Hospital-like setting. Also, a Conference Room with a fully equipped kitchen, CT scan machine, close circuit projection system, projector, conference tables and chairs. During the Anatomy session, participants meet at the Surgical Research Laboratory (10th floor), Surgery Department, School of Medicine, University of Puerto Rico.

  2. The only equipment, supplies or instruments each student need to supply are their own scrubs and a USB memory drive or a hard disk. Electronic copies of all lectures are available when requested. In addition, we can provide videos of some surgical procedures, IV Sedation techniques, patient preparation and asepsis during surgical procedures.

IX - Schedule

  1. The schedules for each one of the sessions are established monthly. It is important to stress that each session schedule is created before the monthly session begins. This is so because The Puerto Rico MaxiCourse® Program focuses on live surgeries during most of its sessions. Patients interested in participating in the educational program are scheduled, and specific discussions are offered according to the surgeries scheduled. For that reason, every year the schedules change. However, there are specific topics that are discussed by particular instructors during each one of the sessions. Please see the upcoming yearly schedule.

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