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A - Participation

Tuition cost includes ten (10) academic and clinical sessions in nine (9) months. If by any reason you cannot assist to one (1) of the ten (10) sessions, we offer a one-time chance to make it up during next year’s Program, based upon availability.

We encourage our Participating Doctors to bring as many surgical patients as possible during the training program. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you follow the protocols of screening, selection, communication, overall management and surgical approach in regards to your patient, in order to guarantee the best service possible and to comply with the medical-legal parameters. Please refer to Protocols for Bringing Patients to PR.

You are welcome to continue bringing patients to the Program, even after your training has been completed, based upon the specific session’s availability. It is important that you request your space with Dr. Pedroza, the Administrative Director and follow the protocols for bringing patients to Puerto Rico.

You are welcome to attend specific sessions after you have completed your training program, upon availability. IV Sedation Course and Anatomy require a particular fee. Please contact the Administrative Assistant.  If you are willing to attend any other session, a fee of $500 per session is required. It would please us to see you again.

B - Payments

We provide the option of a payment plan that consists of five (5) equal installments of $4,990, of the $24,950 total amount payment. This payment begins in April 2023 up to August 2023, at no interest.

A credit card file is required to charge the agreed amount during the following sessions: April, May, June, July and August, the Administrative Assistant will provide you with your credit card receipt. If by any reason you should request to change the payment method, we appreciate that you promptly inform the Administrative Director.

An Authorization document will be filled out at the beginning of the first session to facilitate the payments.

All payment agreements should be responsibly fulfilled prior to the conclusion of the training program. Your participation in this Program is privileged: admission is limited to only a small group of doctors per Class. Completion of the Program’s requirements should be a priority.

Another option we provide is to pay the total tuition during the first session. If you agree to do so, you will receive a 7% discount off $24,950.00, that is $1,746.50. The amount of this payment is $23,203.50, should be made by check or manager check; please, no credit cards.

You have been granted a privileged space to receive the best possible one on one mentorship during your training process. It is our pleasure to help and guide you through the challenges of this extraordinary academic and clinical experience. If by any reason you are experiencing difficulties to comply with the payment agreement, the Participant Doctor should approach the Administrative Director to negotiate a new agreement that will guarantee the completion of the tuition fees. However, in the unexpected contingency of failing to fulfill new payment opportunities offered, TADII Directors will consider termination of your participation in the Program.

Deposits and tuition payments are non-refundable.  Please refer to Policies Concerning the PR MaxiCourse.

C - Other benefits

The tuition cost includes a $2,000 credit for Tatum Surgical instrumentation. You are allowed to choose among three different packages of instrumentation from Tatum Surgical. The Administrative Director will provide more details.

The tuition cost includes an AAID one year membership.

The academic and practical IV Sedation training offered as part of the Program, and it complies with the ADA requirements (60 didactic hours plus at least 20 patients). Each Doctor interested in submitting the required documentation in his/her own State is responsible for handing in the application documents to the Administrative Director at the beginning of training. In addition, each Doctor is responsible for filling out the IV Sedation protocol after participating in each sedation procedure. More details available under “IV Sedation Course”.

Upon completing the 350 or more CEU during the training program, the participants are welcome to consider AAID and AGD professional credentials.

An Anatomy Course with fresh specimens is included in the training program.

The Puerto Rico Maxicourse® has the Educational Implant Patient Program, where the patients are evaluated and selected for the surgical experiences.

Puerto Rico MaxiCourse®

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